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S insipidus, and optic atrophy in a brother and sister. Am J Dis Child 1977, 131(12):1382-1385. 75. de la Monte SM, Tong M, Cohen AC, Sheedy D, Harper C, Wands JR: Insulin and insulin-like growth factor resistance in alcoholic neurodegeneration. Alcohol Clin Exp Res 2008, 32(9):1630-1644. 76. de la Monte SM: Insulin resistance and Alzheimer's disease. BMB Rep 2009, 42(8):475-481. 77. Giovannone B,
Considered desirable [20]. In addition, inter-item correlations were calculated, as to register a possible increase of the Cronbach's alphas due to the length of the questionnaire [21]. According to Clark Watson [22], a mean inter-item correlation of 0.15 ?0.20 is desirable for scales that measure broad characteristics, while values of 0.40?.50 are required for scales tapping narrower ones, whic
Ry. Early limited exposure to NDEA had no significant effect on any of the indices measured relative to control. Chronic HFD feeding significantly increased the mean levels of pGSK-3b, GFAP, and N-Tyr relative to all other groups (P

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