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Iated to changes in serum insulinlike growth factors. Neurobiol Dis 2000, 7(6 Pt B):657-665. 79. Cohen AC, Tong M, Wands JR, de la Monte SM: Insulin and insulin-like growth factor resistance with neurodegeneration in an adult chronic ethanol exposure model. Alcohol Clin Exp Res 2007, 31(9):1558-1573. 80. de la Monte SM, Wands JR: Review of insulin and insulin-like growth factor expression, signali
Lyclonal and monoclonal antibodies and immunodetection reagents were purchased from Abcam (Cambridge, MA), Vector Laboratories (Burlingame, CA), Upstate (Billerica, MA), Chemicon (Temecula, CA), or Molecular Probes (Eugene, OR). The insulin ultra-sensitive ELISA kit was obtained from ALPCO Diagnostics (Salem, NH). Histochoice fixative was purchased from Amresco, Inc (Solon, OH). Antibodies to tumo
Between the mean total OHIP-NL score and: 1. Oral health status ?"Would you say your oral health in general is...?", to which patients could reply with the following options: excellent (1), very good (2), good (3), fair (4), or poor (5). 2. Burning mouth syndrome ?"Do you sometimes have a burning feeling in your mouth?". This could be answered as 'No' or 'Yes'. 3. Dental status ?"Do you have a nat
Dy been accomplished in several countries [13-17]. The comparison between levels of perceived oral health-related quality of life in The Netherlands and those in other countries and cultures demanded the development of a crossculturally adapted Dutch version of the OHIP-E. Therefore, the aim of this study was to translate the OHIP-E into the Dutch language, and to examine the reliability and const
The World HealthPage 1 of(page number not for citation purposes)BMC Oral Health 2008, 8: [6], to distinguish more systematically between functional limitation and social impact of physical problems, were followed. This instrument consists of 49 questions about the negative effects of oral conditions on daily functioning. It was shown to be a rel
The reliability and construct validity of the OHIP-NL, a convenience sample of 119 consecutive patients (68.9 women; mean age ?SD = 57.1 ?12.2 yrs) was recruited during a pre-specified period of 4 months. They were referred by their dentists to the clinic of Prosthodontics and Implantology of the Department ofMethodsOral Health Impact Profile The English-language Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP
Considered desirable [20]. In addition, inter-item correlations were calculated, as to register a possible increase of the Cronbach's alphas due to the length of the questionnaire [21]. According to Clark Watson [22], a mean inter-item correlation of 0.15 ?0.20 is desirable for scales that measure broad characteristics, while values of 0.40?.50 are required for scales tapping narrower ones, whic
S performed using the ABC method, and revealed with DAB (brown precipitate)-see Experimental Procedures. Sections were lightly counterstained with Hematoxylin (blue) to help reveal the tissue architecture. Cerebellar layers: ml = molecular layer; pc = Purkinje cell layer; gc = granule cell layer; wm = white matter. Note focal pc loss in A2, and large zones of pc loss in A3 and A4. (Original Magnif
Of Prosthodontics and Implantology with complaints concerning their partial or full dentures or other problems with missing teeth. To establish the reliability of the OHIP-NL, internal consistency and test-retest reliability (N = 41; 1 ?2 weeks interval) were examined, using Cronbach's alpha and intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC), respectively. Further, construct validity was established by
Enesis. J Neurochem 2002, 82(4):809-818. 113. Mattson MP, Barger SW, Furukawa K, Bruce AJ, Wyss-Coray T, Mark RJ, Mucke L: Cellular signaling roles of TGF beta, TNF alpha and beta APP in brain injury responses and Alzheimer's disease. Brain Res Brain Res Rev 1997, 23(1-2):47-61. 114. Gottfries CG, Karlsson I, Svennerholm L: Membrane components separate early-onset Alzheimer's disease from senile d
Enile plaques of Alzheimer's disease. Acta Neuropathol 1990, 79(5):486-493.Tong et al. BMC Endocrine Disorders 2010, 10:4 15 of71. Baloyannis SJ: Dendritic pathology in Alzheimer's disease. J Neurol Sci 2009, 283(1-2):153-157. 72. Baloyannis SJ, Manolidis SL, Manolidis LS: Synaptic alterations in the vestibulocerebellar system in Alzheimer's disease

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